Class Times:  Monday thru Thursday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Class Structure:
  1. Meditation period, which lasts approximately 5 minutes. Students listen to the song Karate Do Sanka which means "Essence of Karate" (performed in native Japanese language)
  2. Warm-up exercises (includes Master Kyan's ten basic Exercises) Lasts approximately 25 minutes
  3. Martial-art training (Last until 8:00pm)
    • Kata
    • Self Defense techniques
    • Ippon Kumite (one step sparring) -Click here to see images
    • Broke Kumite
    • Full contact Sparring
    • Makiwara training and other special Shorin-ryu exercises
    • Heavy bag workout
    • Strength training
    • Coordination training
    • Sensei's special teachings and training (focus is on Karatedo)
Dojo Rules
  1. No Jewelry will be worn a any time.
  2. A traditional (rei) bow will be exchanged be exchanged between all students before and after conversing.
  3. Proper respect will be shown toward all senior belts
  4. Profane language is not permitted.
  5. Workout uniforms (gi) will be kept clean and stored at home with the rest of your equipment.
  6. Dojo fees are collected in full at the first workout of each month . $1.00 per workout extra will be charged for late payments.
  7. The Chief instructor will be addressed as Sensei (teacher). In or out of the dojo.
  8. Late for class? Obtain permission from head of workout before joining in.
  9. Any problems that could interfere with your learning should be brought to the attention of the Chief Instructor
  10. Students are expected to do all the exercise in the best to the best of their abilities.
  11. If, for some reason, you will not be attending a class, call and notify the instructor.
  12. No shoes will be worn in the dojo at any time.
  13. No sparring will be done without black belt supervision.
  14. Absolutely no talking during workout.
  15. Weapons will not be touched by Kyu ranks without permission.
  16. If you are injured in any way during a class, notify the instructor immediately.
  17. Visitors are always welcomed, as long as they abide by our rules. You are responsible four your guests.
  18. If you feel that you are having a problem with any part of your training, ask a senior club brother for help.
  19. An equal amount of practice should be done at home.