grand master


Born in the village of Gushikawa on April 19, 1925, GrandMaster Eizo Shimabukuro had the good fortune to have been taught by the legendary teachers of both Shorin and Shorei Ryu. Master Shimabukuro began his life journey under the tutelage of Chojun Miyagi. After spending several years with Miyagi, he began to study under Choki Motubu, who has been called the greatest karate warrior ever to have lived. Grandmaster Shimabukoru also studied with his brothere, Tatsuo. He learned kobujutsu (the art of weapons) frrom Shinken Taira, an expert in the art and a student of Kentsu Yabu.

Eizo met hanshi ("high master") Choto Kyan, a master of great ability. It was the profound teachings of Master Kyan that Shimabukuro learned his karate so expertly.

In 1959 Shimabukuro was promoted to tenth degree black belt by Kangen Toyama, presendent of the All Japan Karatedo League and the founder of Shudokan karate. He was awarded the tenth degree red belt two years later, signifying his mastery as a teacher-not just a studen-of karate.

Eizo Shimabukuro Grandmaster of Shobayashi Shorn-ryu, is presently the head of the All Japan Shorin-ryu Karaatedo Interenational League. Through out his life, Grand Master Shimabukuro considers himself fortunate to have had five great teachers. They are Chotoku Kyan, Chogun Miyagi, Tatsuo Shimabukuro (his older brother and founder of Isshin Ryu), Choki Motobu and Zenryo Shimabukuro.